To see monthly updates on our hotel, check back here on our INN Santa Clara Construction Series page as we drill wells for the ground source heat system, dig irrigation trenches, pour concrete foundations, frame up walls and roofs, paint inside and out, install our freestanding tubs and toasty fireplaces, etc… You get the picture…


INN Santa Clara site awaits construction crews [19 March 2019]

Our first photo in the INN Santa Clara Construction Series, taken on 19 March 2019, shows our empty site with Santa Clara’s Town Hall glockenspiel on the far left. The glockenspiel, a passion project of Councilwoman Mary Jo Hafen’s, is a tribute to Santa Clara’s Swiss heritage. The bells ring on the hour as the life-size figures spin and dance to music.




Notice the first photo above shows our giant Sycamore trees still in their winter bare, but this picture, of one of the cherry trees scattered about town, trumpets the arrival of spring here in Southern Utah.

What better time to start construction of our long-anticipated hotel project?






Many many hours are going into the design of INN Santa Clara, as you can see by the digital “yard sale” outside of the Dixie Dormer.

You are invited to re-visit our INN Santa Clara Construction Series page to see updates of the transformation, as the sun does its thing to the bare trees and Rincon Construction does its thing to the bare ground.



Installed in 2017, the Santa Clara Town Hall glockenspiel was a team effort, with historic research done by Sherry Anderson, design drawings by Esther West and the hand carving by Ernesto Perez.

For more information on the glockenspiel, the link below will take you to the two minute video produced by the local Community Education Channel (CEC) television describing the design and construction of the glockenspiel and also a  link to the news article hosted by St. George News.